Individuals or families that you are sponsoring or supporting will need to access a wide range of services including – food shops, school / pre- school, healthcare, English lessons, work, benefits, social network and support services.

If you are sponsoring or supporting a family with school or pre-school age children it will be essential that they can access this easily.

If you are able to, you or your support group, may wish to offer assistance with lifts but you will need to consider how sustainable anything that you offer might be. It is also important for people to feel that they have options and able to be independent.

Some people might have a driving license and they can drive for a up to a year in the UK on an international driving license without taking a driving test. Most people will, however, rely on public transport and it is worth considering the bus routes and timetables to the key services they will need. It is also worth considering the potential cost and affordability of transport as most will initially be dependent on benefits on a very tight budget. In some areas of Hertfordshire, bicycles might be a great option.