Many of those we welcome from Ukraine will be families – potentially women and children who have left partners behind to support the war effort. One of the most important things sponsors and their support group will be doing is supporting families to transition children into new schools here in the UK. Through schools, friendships are made, and communities are formed.  Research has shown that integrating children into school quickly is one of the most effective ways to support resettlement.  Schools provide children with routine, friendships and the chance to play, as well as continuing access to education.  For adults in the family, ensuring their children settle into school is a huge thing.  If children are settled into a routine, they will have the space to settle themselves – to find work, navigate the support and benefits system, obtain further education and crucially, to recover from the trauma they may have experienced.   We’ve seen families thrive in Hertfordshire because of the new friendships and communities that schools bring – where lasting networks have been made that support them as they move beyond resettlement into building an independent life in the area.