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Our wonderful Hertfordshire community is stepping up with great care and compassion to open homes and communities at this time of desperate need. This website aims to be a ‘one stop’ resource, to support the amazing local response of individuals and groups to the growing refugee crisis created by the Russian invasion.

The website is hosted by Community Help Herts, a partnership of voluntary sector organisations who can signpost you to additional voluntary sector support in Hertfordshire.

This website provides information and resources to help you if you are planning on becoming a sponsor (having someone stay in a property you own), or a member of a support group (the wrap-around care for the sponsor and individual/family), for a Ukrainian guest(s). It outlines the main areas of support that those that are resettling are likely to need. It gives questions to consider, signposts to resources and advice from other volunteers with experience.

If you are planning on being a sponsor, please make sure that you register on the Government website (only if you are planning on being a sponsor) as we are not involved in matching sponsors with guests.

Becoming A Sponsor

This scheme gives an opportunity to provide a place of safety and sanctuary at an extraordinarily challenging time for the Ukrainian people. Read More

Building A Support Group

We know sponsorship works best when the responsibility is shared. Read More

Providing Accommodation

As you are looking at this page, you are probably considering becoming a sponsor, or a supporter to a Ukrainian person/family group or have decided to so already. Read More

Location & Transport

Individuals or families that you are hosting or supporting will need to access a wide range of services including – food shops, school/pre-school, healthcare, English lessons, work, benefits, social network and support services. Read More

School & Pre-school

Many of those we welcome from Ukraine will be families – potentially women and children who have left their partners behind to support the war effort. Read More


All individuals resettled under the Homes for Ukraine scheme have full access to all NHS services. Read More

Language – ESOL & Interpreters

Leaving everything and arriving in a foreign country is a bewildering experience and your guests may have experienced deeply traumatic events. Read More


Safeguarding is a term that is used to describe the protection of health, safety, well being and rights of individuals. Read More


Consider a suggested timeline for the first few weeks of resettlement here

Benefits, Finance & Work

Many guests will want to work to maintain financial independence and self-respect. Read More

Local Activities

Most districts in Hertfordshire have regular opportunities for Ukrainians and hosts to meet other hosts, click here to learn more.

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